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Where?  Well, here.

But wait!  That's one of the advantages of Java applets.  As long as you know where on the internet the program files are, you can include the laboratory on any web page, anywhere!  Another advantage is that the program files are retrieved from the server and run on your computer everytime you go to a page that has the lab.  What's cool about that you ask?   Anytime I upload changes, fixes, enhancements to the applet, your web pages will automatically have the latest and greatest.   Just add the following HTML code to your page:

<applet code="Euchre.class" width="500" height="400" archive="euchre.jar" codebase="">
<param name="trump" value="">
<param name="maker" value="">
<param name="west" value="">
<param name="north" value="">
<param name="east" value="">
<param name="south" value="">
<param name="buried" value="">
<param name="loner_west" value="">
<param name="loner_north" value="">
<param name="loner_east" value="">
<param name="loner_south" value="">
<param name="bgcolor" value="">

All of the parameters are optional.  The acceptable values for the parameters are as follows:

  • trump - "Spades", "Diamonds", "Clubs" or "Hearts"
  • maker - "West", "North", "East" or "South"
  • west, north, east, south and buried - Any combination of 2 character cards names (see below.)
  • loner_west, loner_north, loner_east and loner_south - Either "true" or "false."
  • bgcolor - A string representation of an RGB value the same as is used in HTML all over the place.  For example, "#0000FF" for blue and "#FFFFFF" for white.

The cards are named with 2 characters.  The first character is the rank (2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,t,j,q,k,a) and the second character is the suit (s,d,h,c.)  For example, the Queen of Hearts is named "qh."  Since we're only playing with 9s and up, the only valid values for the first character are "9,t,j,q,k,a."  The names of the cards should be separated with commas.  For example, a parameter assigning West a "perfect" hand in Hearts would be written like so:

<param name="west" value="jh,jd,ah,kh,qh">